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Heyy there! Welcome to the first ever page of BIO-S Community! It’s me, Adarsh. Who am I? We’ll get to that part later.

This web page is all about the recruitment BIO-S is conducting. We have a whole lot of information on this page, basically everything you need to know before deciding if you want to fill the application form or not. The link to apply is at the top right of the page, or you can visit https://tally.so/r/mVzBrJ.

Note: This page and form are for folks who want to join the BIO-S Community as a team member. If you want to join as a community member, there’s no page/form. Just join our WhatsApp community or Discord server and you’re in!

Initiative by BIO-S

Summary (TL;DR)

Adarsh introduces BIO-S Community, a student-led open-source community promoting technology and community culture. Founded in November 2022, BIO-S aims to include individuals of all backgrounds and interests. Adarsh, the founder, shares his journey and achievements, emphasizing BIO-S's commitment to open source, community, and diversity.

Recruitment is open for various roles: Core Team, Development Team, and Social Media Team. No specific skills required; passion for tech and open source is key. Benefits include learning, collaboration, and future opportunities. BIO-S plans monthly meetups, online sessions, hackathons, and more. Join the community through WhatsApp, Discord, or the provided link.

In summary, BIO-S is a diverse, volunteer-driven community fostering collaboration, learning, and growth in the tech and open-source space.

What is BIO-S?

BIO-S is a student-led community that promotes open source and community culture in Nashik and globally. We also advocate for various other initiatives such as hackathons, learning in public, building in public, and more.

Founded in November 2022, BIO-S has been dedicated to spreading awareness about the aforementioned activities and encouraging more individuals to engage in open source projects.

The vision behind BIO-S is straightforward: to promote open source and community culture, particularly among those who are new to communities. Regardless of your background, interests, or location, if you're passionate about technology and related domains, I'd love for you to be a part of this community.

Brief history of BIO-S

When I began coding, I wished for a community that could guide me whenever I was stuck and help me overcome all the hindrances I faced. After joining college, I found many individuals reaching out to me for assistance, which inspired me to start a community where anyone and everyone can freely ask for help.

Another reason for founding BIO-S was that I realized many girls or students from non-tech backgrounds were hesitant to even start in tech. After talking to such individuals and observing their interest, I decided to create a space where people feel included not based on their gender or background, but on their shared interests.

GHW Event ImageGHW Event Image

Now, talking about what BIO-S has accomplished, here are a few things I want to highlight.

This list is actually exhaustive. One of the major reasons for having more members is that we can host more of such events.

Meet the founder — Adarsh Dubey

Hey there! I’m Adarsh Dubey, the founder and leader of the BIO-S Community. I have been involved with communities like WeMakeDevs and Geek Around Community for quite some time now, learning about teamwork, community management, and how to assist people through community engagement. I’m a full-stack web developer, a machine learning enthusiast, and a UX designer.

In addition to that, I am also a freelancer, having worked as a freelance web designer and web developer for a couple of years now. Here’s my portfolio in case you want to take a look. Let me know what you think about it—I’d love some feedback.

I am very passionate about open source and communities, and I have been an advocate for the same for quite some time now. With the same vision, I started BIO-S, and for the same reason, I am expanding the team.

You can connect with me on Twitter, and you can reach me at dubeyadarshmain@gmail.com.

Adarsh Dubey's imageAdarsh Dubey's image

Join Us!

Who am I looking for?

Let’s make it clear, I’m looking for someone who’s passionate about tech and open source. That’s all, quite literally.

Even though I have listed some roles below, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be sticking to that role forever. My idea of having a team is that everyone gets to work on what they like, so if you want to work on something else, you’re more than welcome.

If you’re interested in more than one role, make sure to select all the roles you want to apply for.

Core Team

So, I’m looking for some core team members who'd work alongside me and make decisions for BIO-S. While this role might seem better than all the other roles, I’ll be very skeptical when choosing individuals for this position. There are going to be 2-3 folks who are finally going to be in the core team. I really want individuals who are passionate about open source, community, and growing BIO-S.

Community Manager

Do you like talking to people? Then this is for you. You'll be interacting directly with community. You'll be responsible to understand what the community needs and why do they need.

Development Team

You’ll mostly be working on code and BIO-S’ GitHub organization. Do you like coding or design? This is for you. No specific tech stack or design domain is required.

Social Media Team

If you enjoy writing and have a knack for social media, you should definitely join us! You'll be working on Twitter, YouTube, and similar platforms.

Base Responsibilities:

Although the teams will be divided based on their roles, we will all be working for events and special situations. I’ll be collaborating with all the teams. Also, being in one team doesn’t mean you can't work with another team; you definitely can!

Roles in BIO-S

Benefits of joining BIO-S

Below are some perks of joining BIO-S as a team member. Now, this list is not exhaustive and definitely doesn’t do justice to the growth you might experience after joining BIO-S; still, I have listed some perks below:

Certificate? Stipend? Nope. This isn’t an internship or anything similar; it’s volunteer work. If you have some time and want to invest in building a community and helping others while learning at the same time, this is for you.

Future plans

There’s a lot coming for the BIO-S Community in the near future, and you'll be a part of it when you join. Some of the upcoming activities include:

Connect with us

Connect with us

You can connect with the community in various ways.

The main ones are joining the WhatsApp Community and joining the Discord Server. In addition to that, all the methods are listed here: https://bento.me/bios

Thank you for intenting to join the team. See you in the meet session!